Sleep Dentistry

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What is sleep dentistry?

Conscious sedation is suitable for people with mild to severe anxiety, going to have complex or longer procedures or desire to “nap” through their dental visit. Conscious sedation relaxes the body and makes you feel sleepy.

What to expect during a conscious sedation?

One hour prior to your scheduled treatment, we will give you be a prescription sedative. You will slowly feel sleepy and still able to answer short questions. Most patients do not remember the procedure and will need a ride home afterwards as the medication lasts from 6-8 hours. Your blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate are monitored.

Dr. Luschinski at Eastman Dental has received extra training in sedation dentistry and is registered with the Manitoba Dental Association  to provide conscious oral sedation.

Cost of sleep dentistry

Insurance coverage, procedure length, types of sedation used and other factors can affect the cost of sedation dentistry. Deep sedation and general anesthesia are more expensive than oral sedatives or nitrous oxide. On average, minimal sedation costs $195 for oral conscious sedation.

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