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What is bone graft?

If teeth were lost due to trauma, decay or injury, some bone loss can occur, and the bone around the jaw begins to deteriorate. A bone graft is a dental procedure that replaces and generates lost bone, and help restore proper facial contour. It creates a solid base for a dental implant.

Dental implant surgery is performed in stages. First stage is removing the damaged tooth, then preparing the jawbone for surgery (bone grafting may take place). 

What to expect with tooth extraction and bone graft?

Bone grafts are usually performed alongside of a tooth extraction. During an extraction, the removed tooth leaves an open “socket” inside of the bone that once supported it. Soft tissues around the surgical site heal and close over the opening, but the bone doesn’t grow to fill in the “socket”.

Bone grafts place new bone into the open socket after a tooth extraction and helps to prevent shrinkage of the jaw around it. After the bone’s placed, the extraction site is then closed and the bone graft slowly integrates with the body where new bone forms and fills the void. Once the new bone is dense enough, you can continue with dental implant placement.

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