Root Canals

Dental Cleaning Guide

What is root canals?

A root canal is needed when a tooth’s pulp is damaged. Root canal therapy is the best treatment to stop tooth pain or save your tooth from extraction.

What does a root canal treatment look like?

Our dentists will evaluate your tooth. If you have a large cavity, or crack that has damaged your tooth’s nerve, a root canal might be necessary. A root canal treatment removes the cavity and dead pulp. The final step is a filling or porcelain crown to reinforce and restore functionality of your tooth. We recommend avoiding hard candies and chewy foods in the meantime to speed up the natural healing process.

Does getting a root canal hurt?

We place top priority on quality of work and the comfort of our patients. We carefully numb your entire mouth pre-treatment. We also help you relax throughout your appointment and outline post-op instructions to ensure your comfort.

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