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What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a hollow and fully customisable artificial “cap” that covers damaged, missing, decayed or irregular areas of an affected tooth. Once applied, the ‘crowned’ tooth appears and functions just like a natural tooth.

Who should get a dental crown?

Crowns may be necessary for patients who have had: a root canal, a broken tooth, or a large dental filling. Dental crowns are especially important after a root canal to provide reinforcement and restore functionality and shape to the tooth. Dental crowns are also a suitable cosmetic option to cover up discoloured and distorted (i.e., misshapen) teeth.

What is the process of receiving a dental crown?

The procedure for a dental crown is simple. After preparing the tooth, we’ll create an impression. We send the impression to a highly-experienced dental lab in crafting natural-looking durable crowns. We usually receive your custom dental crown within 1 week. We will then invite you to our office to bond your crown to your tooth.

How should I care for my dental crown?

To prolong the life of your dental crown, we recommend avoiding both hard (e.g candies, ice) and chewy foods (e.g bubblegum, jerky snacks). If you grind your teeth, we recommend using a mouth guard while sleeping. Practising these behaviours and maintaining standard dental hygiene can maintain the integrity of your dental crown from 10-15 years.

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